SCIF top secret pods serves US President on the go

When international leaders need to discuss their plans on how to run the world best, they need to use extremely secure measures to make sure nothing leaks out. The governments use one particular solution to safekeeping their confidential conversations called the Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility or the SCIF. It is a secure tent that can be mobile or permanent enclosures and is designed to withstand eavesdropping, phone tapping, and computer hacking. They are also windowless and are like a self-sufficient pod made from a secret material designed to keep emissions in and listening devices.

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Also, even if not totally soundproofed, the SCIFs are built with an Intrusion Detection System to detect break-ins. CSG Partners is one company that provides SCIFs and has a customer base, including government or defense contractors and departments and companies that work on new designs for planes or ships. Officials say that the cost of setting up a SCIF can vary as widely as $200 to $5,000 per square foot.
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