Silver Cross unveils a limited edition pram that costs a whopping $8,000

Last year, when British buggy manufacturer Silver Cross collaborated with celebrated car company Aston Martin to create the Silver Cross Surf, Aston Martin Edition, we were pretty convinced that the sleek pram was the sweetest ride that a toddler could possible get. This year however Silver Cross has defied our expectations by creating a bespoke Balmoral pram that’ll set you back by a small fortune: £5000 to be exact (that’s about $7,985). Talk about riding in style!

So what makes this pram, the Bentley of baby prams? For starters, it is custom built with a hand stitched red leather hood and matching apron. The pram’s carriage is an almost reflective silver and the C-spring chassis features the red and silver color combination too. The Balmoral also features the large white wheels that are the brand’s signature. Besides red, the pram comes in 4 other statement shades and sports a special identification plate and distinct ‘Bespoke Range’ logo. You can have it fitted with a plaque engraved with your baby’s name so there’s no mistaking who owns the coolest wheels in town.

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The limited edition Balmoral will launch on November the 4th exclusively at Harrod’s. Production is limited to 50 units and considering that the Balmoral has long been popular with the British Royal Family with everyone from the Queen herself, to Prince Charles and most recently, Britain’s most loved Baby Prince George being spotted in them, we expect these to sell out faster than the proverbial hot cakes.

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