Specialist travel company Ariodante enthralls art enthusiasts with a one-of-a-kind Ultimate Picasso Tour of Europe

Who said the only way to explore art is in a museum? Specialist travel company Ariodante has unraveled a novel and exciting way of exploring the life, work, and legacy of the legendary Pablo Picasso. The most influential artist of the 20th century, Picasso spent most of his adult life living and working in Paris. The Ultimate Picasso Tour of Europe is a never-seen-before way of enjoying the world of art with an intimate insight as participants engage with the world’s most renowned Picasso experts, members of the artist’s family, associates, and even other meritorious artists. No trip is complete without gastronomic pleasures and the Ultimate Picasso Tour of Europe offers just as amazing gastronomic experiences and wine tasting events.

In addition to visiting several countries, the tour will tap into Picasso’s deep connection with Paris. Art connoisseurs can revel in a private visit to the famous Picasso Museum. Excitement levels reach an all-time high as a backstage visit to the Georges Pompidou Museum leads to never-seen-before artworks on display. Paris, a charming city in every right, will bring Picasso’s fans closer to the legend by taking them to his most private places, like a flat in Montmartre. This is followed by a luncheon arranged in the ballroom where the artist married, and then on to venture into the stunning French Rivera, where Picasso spent most of his later years and where he died.

Art lovers won’t go home without enjoying a private visit to the Picasso and Matisse Museums, concluded by a spectacular meal inside the Picasso Chapel. The tour takes a thrilling turn onboard a luxurious yacht en route to Barcelona before continuing to Malaga, Picasso’s birthplace. Lastly, Madrid will enthrall art enthusiasts with a rare visit to the Royal Fine Arts Academy, where Picasso studied and became a director. This genuinely magical tour starts from $563,000, with a group of up to 6 people enjoying art, artists, locales, and life on an unforgettable 10- day journey.

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