Taking things too far or just cute? With a designer wardrobe packed with Gucci, Givenchy and more, here is the world’s youngest fashion Instagrammer (a 17 month old baby)

The phrase “no baby, no opinion’ should be posted on Suela Gilaj, and Fabian’s Instagram account for their uber-cool baby Azalea Elezaj. 17-month old Azalea has a $6600 wardrobe filled with designer brands including Gucci, Burberry, Givenchy and more and also a slew of negative comments aimed at her mommy. Suela Gilaj, 26, who lives with her 28-year-old self employed husband Fabian, in Wandsworth, southwest London, set up an Instagram page for her daughter Azalea Elezaj. The page is filled with the adorable tot in designer clothing and has garnered a growing fan following and haters too. Seeing the baby dressed from head to toe in designer gear by her mum and then posing for stunning photos, isn’t something all opinionated parents agree with. While everyone may agree with wanting to give the very best to their children, not everyone is in favor of posting it all on social media and opening the ugly box of exposure this soon. Azalea Elezaj enjoys over 13,000 followers on Instagram and has received brand deals as she models the clothes for her social media page. Too much, too soon? Take a look at the images of this baby influencer and her wardrobe that any woman would be jealous of-

People love to follow baby Azalea Elezaj for just her clothes? I say it’s that pretty million dollar smile!

Dont we all love Burberry.

Adorable Azalea seen strutting in Versace dress & D&G shoes. Runway ready already?

Baby loves Burberry! The tot is seen stealing the show in head to toe Burberry outfits; T-shirt, skirt shoes all on point!

Suela says she dresses Azalea how she likes to dress and people follow her because she is stylish. We couldn’t agree more!

That’s how a wardrobe that costs more than $6600 looks like. Jealous much?

She gets it from her daddy? Baby Azalea twinning with daddy dearest in good ol’ Gucci.

Like mother like daughter. Mum Suela, admits she’s afraid Azalea won’t be happy with what she’s done when she’s older. We beg to differ.

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