The 98-foot-long Jeff Koons “Balloon Dog” knock-off goes on sale in China for $50

Though China is known for reproducing knock-off electronics and designer bags, the counterfeiting does not just stop there. China’s biggest e-commerce site Alibaba is now peddling stainless steel dog manufactured by VLA Sculpture to replicate Jeff Koon’s iconic “Balloon Dog” sculpture. Last year when the 12 feet tall “Balloon Dog” sculpture was sold at Christie’s New York for $58.4 million, it earned the pop-art provocateur Jeff Koons a world record. For a price much cheaper than the original Koons’ artwork, you can now purchase as many as 10 knock off dogs per month that are available in three difference sizes and colors.

Prices for the sculpture range from $500 to $5,000. According to the site, purchases are limited to a maximum of 20 dogs per month so start collecting now!

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[Available at Alibaba]

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