The app for art connoisseurs: Magnus is to art, what Shazam is to music

Has it ever happened to you that a song you heard is stuck in your mind for years but you just couldn’t get to know the name and then years later in early 2000’s you hear that song again and this time you Shazam it! Wasn’t that weirdly satisfying? To not have to go through the anxiety of not or never knowing something? The same is now happening to the world of art and things are going to be smoother from here on. So feel free to like a piece of art, and in order to find more just rely on Magnus, the Shazam for art around the world. The information provided is more than what you would find in a museum (like a price tag); Magnus, can figure out who the artist is for a piece of art you see, it can also give you the title of that piece of art, and how much it was last sold for. Apart from learning about the imperative details about a painting like its title and mediums used etc, you will also learn a lot about the artists. The app shows you both historic and recent prices from both auctions and gallery sales, so you can get a decent idea quickly how an artist’s popularity has risen (or fallen) over the years. It also has the added bonus of letting you exactly how unlikely it is that you’ll ever own a piece of the artist’s work in your home. Things get too real with that feature but we aren’t complaining.

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From what I have learned, Magnus isn’t all about buying art; it could simply be about being an art lover and enjoying art. The app also helps you find art and offers, plus information about galleries and museums near you as well as what their current shows are and hours. So if you like any artists work Magnus can help you find more work by them, and see where they’ve exhibited in the past as well as where you might be able to catch more of their work right now.

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