Priced at $9,500, is this the world’s most expensive comb?

In this day of awkward comb-overs and unfortunate dye-jobs, you definitely want to be one of the few who can afford to give their hair the royal treatment. Sure you’re visiting the priciest salons and shopping for A-grade shampoo, but what are you using to tame your mane? A static-filled plastic brush? We sure hope not. If you are in the mood for an upgrade, you’ll be pretty interested in Tomas Veres, a Slovakian company that’s now on the luxe map for making combs out of precious metals.

The brand’s Pantheon collection features a series of sleek and minimal combs made from sterling silver, yellow gold, and rose gold and presented in ostrich leather cases. Each piece is made in Italy by skilled craftsmen, whose combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation results in a covetable and ultra-luxurious product. Our favorite is, of course, the on-trend pink gold Pantheon comb with a punchy red case.

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The 14k solid pink gold comb comes with an eye-watering price of €9000 (approx. $9,566) and is produced in a limited edition of 800 individually numbered pieces. The comb can be purchased through the brand’s e-store. Choose from purple, green, or red cases, and customize your purchase with an engraved set of initials or a message. With Christmas around the corner, this is likely the most expensive stocking stuffer you’ll ever buy!

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