The most expensive Christmas tree this season

After giving us the golden Mount Fuji, gold Stitch and Angel and the golden rabbit, Ginza Tanaka has returned to celebrate the holiday season in style yet again. While we have seen the world’s most expensive Christmas tree valued at $11 million, London’s most expensive Christmas tree comes decked with 24 kt gold Baccarat bottles filled with Cognac. Moreover the most expensive Christmas tree in European continent has been travelling extensively. But today one more record is set as Ginza Tanaka has unveiled a shimmering 2.4 meters tall Golden Christmas Tree cast out of 12 kilograms of pure gold that works out to $1.95 million. At that value, it just crossed the $1.8 million Christmas tree that stands at 40 centimeters only but features about 100 carats of diamonds.

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The latest Golden Christmas Tree that needed the able hands of 15 craftsmen, and took four and a half months to complete, will be on display throughout the holiday season.


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