The ultimate Moon and Planetary space suit is up for grabs

Bonham’s was able to have an Alexei Leonov historic spacesuit for $242,000. Regency-Superior is now offering a suit during its June auction in St Louis, Missouri, estimated to fetch $250,000. However, this suit has not been flown but was designed with all ‘the necessary avionics for landing open-cockpit Lunar Landers or operating Rovers on the Moon or other planets within the suit itself.’ This 1990 Command Control Pressure Suit (CCPS) was designed by Brand Griffin and space artist Paul Hudson and is known as ‘the ultimate Moon and Planetary space suit.’

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It features a flat-panel helmet and backpack assembly equipped with louvers, headlights, and an internal cockpit. It was considered a visionary rear-entry suit that can be outfitted for weightlessness or planetary operations. Its designs boast features to serve as a cockpit for a Lunar Lander, making the system lighter and more efficient and got favorable comments from Apollo 11 moonwalker Buzz Aldrin who described – “I wish we had the Griffin Suit on the Moon.”

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