The world’s first beer with pure gold flakes promises good health

Seek bling with every sip you take? Exousía 24K Gold Luxury Water is for teetotalers and the Gold Cuvée wine is for wine buffs. Now even beer drinkers can raise a Midas-touched toast with 24 Carats beer. Ideal for filling up the $50,000 Gold Beer Mug, it is the world’s first beer with flakes of 24-carat gold. This triple fermentation is a golden lager malt and uses 9 and 12 °. Designed and manufactured by the Brasserie du Pays Fleming, the 24 Carat beer is made in the same beer brewed tradition in Flanders. And if you are hunting for a reason to justify the need to consume a gilded beer, the product page states, ‘under the influence of stress, our body emits positive ions and becomes subject to disease. By absorbing a small amount of gold, the body will emit negative ions, making you feel better.’ Also, the gold flakes suspended amid clear pale gold topped with a cream veil offers an exceptional visual treat along with enhanced flavor.

As of yet, the beer sells for 24K on the website and their partners www.pompe -a-www.tireuse

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