The world’s most expensive pudding is topped with a two-carat diamond

Dessert is the best part of a meal; whether the entire meal was a disaster or a scrumptious affair, ending it on a high note is all that really counts. So if you want an opulent cake, pudding or chocolate to start with, the options are endless. Or you can go for the world’s most expensive dessert instead. The dessert in question is an haute cuisine chocolate pudding that resembles a Faberge Easter egg but features several mouth-watering and high-priced ingredients like gold and champagne caviar. The pudding is the handy work of Marc Guibert, head chef at Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel in Windemere, Cumbria, and marks the start of the National Chocolate Week. Priced at a whopping £22,000 ($34,370), the pudding is finished with a two-carat diamond on top!

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The pudding is created with edible gold leaf, and features a layer of champagne jelly and four different types of the Belgian chocolates, which is further flavored with a peach, orange and whiskey. If you plan to order this dizzying dessert, be prepared for a three weeks waiting period.

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