This $60 Glass-encased underwear from Japan has been hung in Hawaiian air for two days

It’s not long ago that we saw Chinese businessmen taking interest in fresh air from the mountains. Now the Japanese are making another offer to the world that seems to be strikingly smirk-worthy. Deoest is an anti-odor men’s underwear line of clothing that is offering a very interesting proposition in their product offering. They claim to sell underwear that has been hung in Hawaiian air for 48 hours, soaking in all the goodness of the clean air and dispelling any possible traces of odor. Once they are done with the hanging, the underwear is then stuffed into glass containers and retailed for a curious $60!

The brand isn’t satisfied with customers just picking Hawaiian dried underwear but also promises to give customers a sealed plastic bag with Hawaiian air if they make purchases worth 3,000 Yen (about $29). Air going on sale would be a rather humorous news headline a couple of decades ago. But in a day and age when experiential products enthrall customers with out-of-the-box ideas, there’s no telling how well this will be received.
Japanese-Hawaiian-air-underwear  (1)

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Japanese-Hawaiian-air-underwear  (3)

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