This life-size Alien Queen replica is on sale on eBay for $75,000

Every once in a while we stumble across some really, really interesting finds on eBay and the latest is this jaw-dropping life-size Alien Queen statue. The 16-foot tall Xenomorph queen lawn sculpture is perfect for the ardent collectors of original movie props. It is one of only 5 ever made by Distortions back in the 90s and was originally crafted from the molds of the actual movie prop. It has now been completely restored with a custom paint job and a modification to make her stand upright.

The head of the sculpture, which itself measures almost eight feel long, has been updated with proper tendons to look screen-accurate to the Alien Queen that Ripley fought. The life-size model also comes with replacement teeth just in case one gets damaged. The asking price for this scary lawn ornament is a whopping $75,000 which includes shipping.


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