This New York based professional baby namer is charging wealthy parents-to-be as much as $30,000 for unique infant monikers.

Via Instagram / @whatsinababyname

A few years ago, being an influencer was a novel career. Not everyone understood it; not everyone dabbled in it as a full-time vocation. Today the scenario is different, and distinctive professions run the world. We have encountered yet another unique career- a baby namer! Whether it will become common in the future is another story, but for now, Taylor A. Humphrey, 33, from New York, is making the most of her vocation with ‘What’s in a Baby Name.’ This boutique consultancy offers name lists based on parents’ answers to a questionnaire to a full-service baby-naming concierge. The service starts at $1500, and parents go up to paying up to $30,000 to find the perfect moniker for their child.

Via Instagram / @whatsinababyname

For $10,000, Taylor conducts genealogical investigations, delves deeply into finding the correct name, is on-brand with a parent’s business, and more. Talking numbers, Humphrey helped name more than 100 children last year and also counseled parents through the process. In one instance, she convinced a mom to change her infant daughter’s name, Isla, over mispronouncing concerns. She started her journey on Instagram to share her love of baby names.

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Via Instagram / @whatsinababyname

The account eventually blossomed into a full-fledged business, and by 2018 she started charging people for her services. Humphrey told People, “While it’s easy to say that I name people’s babies for a living, my work is so much deeper and more nuanced than that. My job is to hold space, and provide spiritual, emotional, and physical support for my clients as they progress through the major life transition of becoming a parent.” She continued, “While I offer name expertise, my work centers on supporting the expectant parent and leading them back to their inner place of wisdom and intuition. I have built my business on the premise that parents already know the right answer; sometimes they just need a bit of guidance to remember and access the knowledge that already exists inside of them.”

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