This specially designed Japanese bag is a portable fish tank that lets pet owners take their favorite fish on a walk

If you own a pet fish or two and would like to take them along on your strolls, here’s the perfect deal for you! In catering to the wishes of fish parents, a Japanese company by the name of “Ma Corporation” is all set to unveil a quirky container-like bag for live fish. Yes, that’s right!

Called the “katsugyo bag”, the portable fish tank is shaped like a long tube with a transparent middle section, a handle, and a gauge that supposedly monitors the oxygen saturation of the water. It is designed as a more stylish, efficient, and environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional water-filled plastic bag.

The carrier is also ideal for those who require fresh fish transported for consumption. It is currently under development and is being tested with more types of fishes and could also see added features in the future in terms of functionality and use.

The prototype of the bag was posted on Instagram by its manufacturer in October last year. And while we expected to receive some backlash, it was in fact appreciated by folks in Japan as well as other parts of the county. As of now, there is no word on the release date of the “katsugyo bag”.

[Katsugyo Bag]

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