Titanium toothpicks with decorative ends keep your teeth clean

How much would you shell out for a pointy-thingy that is helpful to remove food particles lodged between the teeth? There are many out there who are obsessive about oral hygine and by habit pick on a toothpick to keep their pearls deposit-free. And since wooden toothpicks look so drab, titanium toothpicks are an opulent alternative. Created by Jamie Piekkola, these toothpicks are non-allergic and non-reactive to humans. Made from6Al-4V (Grade 5) Titanium, each toothpick is longer and thicker and features rounded tip which is aptly pointed to avoid blood trickling from your gums. Ranging from $35- $60, you can order for standard ones or opt for anodized toothpick and also pick the ones with glowrings, glowbulbs and Tritium inserts.

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