Made from titanium this Cyberpunk themed iPad Pro will cost you $8200

Russian brand- Caviar is known for its mindboggling Limited-Edition models and accessories. And its latest edition is apt for Apple enthusiasts with a knack for adventure games. Christened as ‘The Caviar Cyberpad’, we’re talking about the brand’s sensation rendition of the iPad Pro, inspired by Cyberpunk 2077!

Designed using high-quality materials, the tablet features the original iPad Pro with a titanium-coated outer cover. It is emblazoned with titanium bolts that give it an extra robust appearance along with bright color accents and geometric lines enhanced with a gold colored PVD coating. The exclusive gadget further features one terabyte of storage.

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Commenting on the customized Cyberpunk-style Apple iPad Pro, a spokesperson for Caviar said:”Being on the cutting edge, feeling current trends, inspiring and being inspired are important postulates of the modern rhythm of life. Lots of people joke that the world around is the birth of the Cyberpunk, being written by Gibson and Sterling. Today we are searching for new forms and rethinking familiar things in order to create an actual product with a solid background. Caviar Cyberpad is the next step towards creating a unique, incomparable design in Caviar style.”

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Caviar’s iPad Pro Limited-Edition retails at $ 7,650, along with a 12.9-inch model available for $ 8,110. Would you fancy buying one?

[Avilable at: CAVIAR]

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