To be moms – Take a look at the most opulent labour room in the world

Have you ever wondered what it was like to give birth in a castle? In the private quarters of the queen, giving birth to an heir? In the lap of luxury, satin sheets, silk towels, velvet pillowcovers and other opulent what-nots? And have maidens rush to and fro the chambers, splashing water in wooden buckets and rushing to your child, lest any harm come to your little prince or princess?

Well. Save the drama, you can still get a feel of the opulence, if you happen to check-in to the Mizuguchi Hospital in Japan. This upscale obstetric and gynaecology clinic offers new mums an Elisabeth Plan, wherein, expectant mothers can experience child birth in a 19th-century Empress Elisabeth of Austria-styled room. You will also get treated to a celebration dinner and afternoon tea.
Didn’t we hear about a hospital where expectant mums were given a full makeup makeover before going into labour? Whatever happened to natural birth? And, I can’t get over that tiny green itch remembering what my labour room looked like.

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