UNO debuts its artist series with Jean-Michel Basquiat Tribute Pack

UNO, the game that gave us all endless hours of entertainment; the game that’s lead to all-nighters and midnight meals is back. The look is arty, totally crazy and credits go to Jean Michel Basquiat. Mattel has announced the UNO artiste card game series with the launch of its first installment featuring art by Jean Michel Basquiat. The collectible deck comes in premium linen finishes and showcases the iconic paintings like Bird on Money and Self Portrait of a Heel on each card. Like in the original classic game, players can match cards by color or number but also Basquiat masterpiece, and play action cards like skip, reverse, and wild draw four to win the game.

It’s all the same but with some fancy artistic additions which is a welcomed change. What’s really cool is this series gives fans a way to celebrate the artist’s extraordinary work and artistic impact not only by playing the game but by putting together the 4 double-sided ‘artiste extra’ cards that recreate a large piece of artwork. The game is limited edition so if you love the game and the artist, don’t waste any time as the decks will sell like hot cakes. The UNO artiste card game series is available online on Macy’s online store and retail locations for $20 USD.


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