Wedding on Cloud Nine with Swarovski Crystals, Light Sticks and Paper Cranes

Lucid Dream – the name itself conjures up images in the mind that take you to the world of fantasy. Something mystical and entrancing. Sheika Lateefa, along with Design Lab Events created this breathtaking and captivating cloud installation for her wedding day in Dubai. The highlight of her dreamy wedding was the shimmering Swarovski crystal cloud which was the brainchild of artists Xavier Perrot and Andy Cao.

designlab-dubai-lucid-dream-2The subtle and tastefully done up seating arrangements in cream and gold with elaborate flower arrangements held its own against the magnificently created wedding sky.

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designlab-dubai-lucid-dream-315,000 light sticks, 65,000 twinkling Swarovski crystals and 4000 paper cranes up above created a bewitching ambience that made one feel transported to an enchanted land. The combination of Swarovski crystals and the mesh created the look of surreal clouds which were further enhanced by the light sticks giving them a silver lining. The gently swaying paper cranes added to the glamour giving the entire ballroom a magical illusion of the heavenly skies.

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designlab-dubai-lucid-dream-4The dramatic purple lighting enhanced the beauty and intricacy of this creation and gave it a spectacular look making the saying ‘weddings are made in heaven’ actually come true.


[Via – My-Modern-Met]

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