2 years in the making and weighing 400 tons: A Russian couple built a replica of the Great Pyramid of Giza in their own backyard

Wondering why the Great Pyramids of Giza look different? It’s because this is not the Great Pyramid of Giza, in Egypt but is a fantastic replica called the great pyramids of Istinka, St. Petersburg in Russia. It is the fine execution of a couple clearly in love with Egyptology living in Istinka, a small village located 12 kilometers outside St Petersburg right in their own backyard. , Andrey Vakhrushev and his wife Victoria have managed to create a stellar monolithic structure that stands 9 meters above ground and 9 meters deep and consists of roughly 400 tonnes of concrete blocks. It’s no mean feat to achieve as getting the exact calculations in terms of masonry are difficult, but one has to admit building a concrete Egyptian pyramid in your backyard could be seen as a little eccentric. The pots and plants and flowers and trees just won’t do anymore? For those who think this is eccentric the plot gets weirder as the Vakhrushevs have made some pretty wild claims about their pyramid, including that it can protect people from harm and heal them. Victoria, the wife actually said that their pyramid can boost immunity and protect from coronavirus infection.

It’s starting to sound a bit gimmicky as the couple will allow guests to benefit from the healing and protective powers of the pyramid for a charge of $50-$140 a night. Whether you fall for the whole healing power bit or not if you live around St Petersburg and have never been to Egypt this could be a good chance to catch up with a monolithic structure.

[Via: The Vintage News]

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