World’s most expensive belt made of platinum, gold and diamonds sells for $77500

Sometimes it takes a lot for a man to keep his pants up, to be precise almost, $77500. We aren’t talking about any wayward ways of men but the expensive object in question is a waist belt that costs as much as most of us wouldn’t spend in a lifetime. Putting your black and brown belts to utmost shame is a creation of House of Borgezie, an uber-luxe belt made of gold and platinum, that is encrusted with diamonds so fine, they are fit for a queen’s crown. The unique Fleur-de-Lys design according to Designer, Christopher Shellis, is worth every penny, as an heirloom. Of course, it will be passed from one generation to another as one simply doesn’t discard a belt made from solid platinum and 18-carat gold studs and encrusted with 60 diamonds. Even the richest of rich will consider this a prized possession. The unisex belt weighs 300 grams and is 30mm thick, is intended as formal wear and can be ordered in any size. The designer feels the belt is special and the diamonds are of perfect clarity so for 5.5-carat diamonds it is not that overpriced.

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Well, it actually sort of is; though for slightly lesser rich fashionistas, they will be belting out (pun intended) a solid silver one that’s somewhat more accessible at $1000. Are you interested in buying the most expensive belt in the world for $77500?


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