World’s most expensive Jersey cow is worth $170,000

Now, this is what you can call a “holy cow” moment! If you thought Missy was the most expensive cow, who took over from the Australian Maxine; then Karlie beats her hands down! Karlie, a Jersey cow, now has the distinction of becoming the most expensive cow to be auctioned at Syracuse for a whopping $170,000. Originally owned and reared by Aaron and Caitlin Eaton of Onondaga Hill, Piggot Farms Show Cattle, and Martin Croft, the 3-year-old cow, is a named Page-Crest Excitation Karlie. Said to have the perfect body, the cow has reared a calf and has many other calves taken care of by a surrogate, which is each estimated at around $20,000. Karlie’s DNA will soon be extensively under the microscope, and let’s hope we don’t see any more panda cow style experiments.

If you look at how people make a big deal about consuming milk for the holiest of cows, Karlie surely will be loved a lot and readily accepted.

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[Via – Syracuse]

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