World’s most expensive Scrabble system is worth $31,700

Playing with words has never been so expensive! And this time it is not gold or crystals that has upped the pricing of the game of the words, scrabble. Mind Sports have created the world’s most expensive and advanced tournament Scrabble system. The £20,000 ($31,700) price tag is justified as it features custom-built RFIDs to read the entire Scrabble board almost instantaneously (974 milliseconds), transmitting the information via software to viewers online. Such a high-tech word game will appeal to serious geeky players and not bling-lovers. This Scrabble board does get its dose of luxury by sitting on a turntable unit with a carbon fiber finish. Furthermore, the integrated RGB-controlled LED lighting system adds style to the table. The board consists of nine RFID circuit boards that house 225 RFID antennas, which read each Scrabble square. Each Scrabble letter tile has its own uniquely identifiable RFID tag embedded within (100 in total), with an RFID circuit board enclosed in each player’s tile racks to ensure that all information is captured and showcased to the online viewers.

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This Scrabble system will be unveiled and put in action at the Prague Mind Sports Festival (December 1 – 4).

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