You can now buy yourself a luxurious custom illustrated coloring book by Ian Beck

Adult coloring books are now a thing with the likes of Vogue and Karl Lagerfeld too unveiling their own versions in the domain. So much so that art books like these have even managed to outnumber the popular cooking books category in the list of the top sellers. While you can easily place hands on ordinary coloring books for the not-so-young, almost none offer a truly luxurious experience, as expected by ageing and refined connoisseurs.

Here to offer the very first adult coloring book in the luxury segment is that has recently launched ‘The Bespoke Coloring Book’ for art lovers’ world over. The super-fine book presents aficionados a chance to customize pages to their liking, all of which will be hand illustrated by none other than Ian Beck. Each of the illustrations as well as the title page will be offered in beautiful handmade paper that will further be finished off with a 24-carat gold leaf lettering on the cover.

Once the buyers zero in on their preferred choice of illustrations, the book will be hand bound by Masters Bookbinding using traditional crafts and fine leather. The title on the book will also debossed for prime finishing and the buyer’s name will be carved on the 24-carat gold leaf on top. The hand illustrated luxury book can also be customized further for an additional cost. If you wish to own this one-of-a-kind beauty, you may want to log on to now!

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