Young women schooled to woo billionaires in China

Money can buy everything but peace of mind, they say, but when you get everything with money, why bother about the nitty-gritty’s, right? Well, at least that is how Chinese gold-diggers believe, to say the least. As the number of billionaires grows in the nation, so does the want of having the “good life” among young women. A school in Beijing ironically named the Moral Education Center for Women is a good place to begin. The center offers courses in how to win a billionaire or less and have him for keeps. From getting your make-up right to striking conversations and traditional tea-pouring techniques, young women will be taught all of this over the course of 30-hours.

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Priced at $3,000, girls are also taught to read a man’s character and status. So far, the school has 2,800 opportunist women with no school yet to train male gold-diggers. The school also gives billionaires opportunities to meet these eager women for a merger “introductory fee” of $4,500. The school boasts of setting up 30 couples, which culminated into marriage.
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