A company in the UK is making $200,000 luxury manors for dogs

Why couldn’t a dog house be as elegant and beautiful as its owner’s? Why shouldn’t an architect design a house for the dog? What if a dog house could be more beautiful, stylish and practical? – If few or all the above questions have crossed your mind in the past, you’re on the same page as Hecate Verona. In catering to the growing luxury demands for pets across the globe, the British brand is set to launch their very own line of luxury dog manors in June this year.

With an objective to create a majestic and royal looking dog manor that complements the garden and the surrounding in which it stands, Hecate Verona started out with a development project on the same lines about three years ago. The result of their meticulous work is a series of extravagant dog houses, each of which feature smart technologies such as heating, air conditioning, indoor and outdoor lighting, cameras, food and water feeding systems, treat dispensers, sound systems, TVs, and a conference calling system where the dog and its owner can communicate with each other!

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Apart from its practical interiors, each of the delightful dog manors also showcase the best applicable hardwoods and natural stones such as marble and dolomite. The luxe dog homes can also be customized as per the demands of the owner, following which they are built, assembled and shipped to their destination in two to four months. Prices for the uber-plush pet homes start at $40,000 with fully equipped high-end models costing up to $200,000. Now, who wouldn’t fancy this for their adorable furry friends!

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