The $8,000-a-ticket luxury dog airline, Bark Air, has been slapped with a lawsuit just days after its inaugural flight. Fortunately, all the pampered pooches are fine, and the lawsuit is on a technicality.

Bark Air faced a lawsuit shortly after its first flight. The brand-new luxury airline designed for dogs operating out of New York’s Westchester County Airport allegedly violated county law. According to the law, the airport’s private jet section can only accommodate jets with nine passenger seats or fewer. Bark Air uses a Gulfstream Aerospace GV jet, which has 14 passenger seats. Now, the world’s first air travel experience designed specifically for dogs, and their human companions second, may have to leave the airport altogether or move from the private jet area to the busier passenger terminal.

The only silver lining is that the lawsuit was due to a technicality and not because any pooch was endangered or injured. Imagine spending a pricey $8,000 on your furry friend only to be caught in a mishap on their very first flight.

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Despite this hiccup, Bark Air prides itself on treating your pet pooches like royalty. From offerings like ‘dog champagne,’ essentially chicken broth, warm ‘pheromone-scented’ blankets, complimentary drinks, and snacks available throughout the flight, the top-notch love and care the pets receive make it worth the expense.

The onboard experience allows them to mingle with other dogs and also grants privacy and space when needed in designated sections. Bark Air’s Chief of Staff, Katharine Enos, told Fox Business that the airline’s first official voyage was a great success. “All dogs snacked on Bark cereal treats for dogs, dog-friendly cupcakes, chicken-flavored puppuccinos, and doggie champagne (chicken broth). The humans onboard got along well and felt connected in their shared obsession with their dogs.” With local authorities in New York taking legal action against Bark Air, it is a matter of time to see how they proceed.

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