Dogs go dapper in Moncler x Poldo Dog Couture puffer jackets

A man’s best friend has got to look at least half as good as him, if not more, even if that friend comes with 4 legs. That’s the norm of the day, and fashion is routine even for our furry family. While you are wearing your best winter outfits and looking dapper, your pooch can do the same thanks to a collaboration between a Milanese specialist in canine outerwear, Moncler and Poldo Dog Couture. Now you can go for winter walks together, looking absolutely pretty walking down the street. Moncler’s textile performance combined with Poldo’s comfort has resulted in a calibration edition of this legendary puffer jacket in an extra-small version. The quilted lacquered allows your pet to look chic in the face of winter in these nylon vests that come in yellow, pink, and blue. The vinyl coat is transparent and waterproof, while the leash and collar are in the Moncler three colors with leather finishes.

The uber-cool vests come in six different sizes so all your pet sizes are covered. The Moncler x Poldo Dog Couture collection is available now in Moncler stores, on the site from 190 euros ($210).

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[Via: Airows]

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