Only in Dubai – The ruler of the Emirate awarded $13,000 each to four men who saved a pregnant cat as she fell from a second-story balcony.

This happens only in Dubai. A cat was saved by four onlookers, who were then generously rewarded for their presence of mind and kindness by the ruler of Dubai. It sounds like fiction, but it is far from it. All of last week, pictures and video clippings have been doing the rounds online, netizens singing praises and appreciating the four men who saved a cat stuck on a balcony on a busy street in Dubai’s bustling Deira.

The cat, which was pregnant at the time, was stuck on a second-floor balcony and struggling to hold on. Naseer Muhammad, an RTA bus driver from India; Atif Mehmood, a Pakistani salesman; Rashid Mohammed, an Indian grocery store owner; and Ashraf Bleinza, a Moroccan security guard gathered to help – three of the men found an old blanket while one of them shot the video.

It was posted on social media and soon went viral, with the news channels publishing the video on their social media channels. It reached far and wide and reached the notice of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai. He, in turn, shared this on Twitter and asked followers to share details of the men if they could. And they did. Government officials visited the four men who were identified on Thursday afternoon with envelopes for each person. Their surprise knew no bounds when it revealed Dhs 50,000 ($13,700)!

The royal family is known for their love and affection for animals, seen through various examples, such as the recent one where the Crown Prince His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum had shared on Instagram a picture of a pigeon nesting on his Mercedes-AMG G 63. He had the car cordoned off in red and white tape to allow the bird to enjoy her new home and not disturb her. Several memes and jokes on this are also circulating – people looking for pregnant cats and a blanket to try and get rewarded generously. But, stories like these make the heart grow warmer and glad.

[Via: The National News]

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