Japan’s Osaka airport is now home to an exclusive lounge area for dogs, complete with toilets and showers

Pet Pooches deserve all the care in the world, especially if they have long flights to board. Believing in this ethos is Osaka’s International Airport in Japan that has recently unveiled a premium ‘pet relief area’ for the four-legged who’d prefer it the glamorous way! Yes, that’s right!
Complete with showers, toilets, and a drinking area, the space caters to every need of your furry friend. The outdoor pavilion is spacious, gated and packed with amenities that are designed to help your pooch relieve the stress of travelling on long flights. Urinals at the area are designed with ‘pee holes’ for dogs who prefer to lift up legs their legs while taking a Wizz, while the showers here are ideal for puppies who need a quick beauty rinse before hopping onboard.

Along with the showering facility and the toilets, the exclusive ‘pet relief area’ also features a water booth where pets can re-hydrate themselves, along with benches where they can lay low or simply stay put before the mid-air storm. The ingenious space is designed by Kansai Airports and is the first of its kind to open at an air hub in the world. Afterall, pooches deserve first-class pleasures just as much as us hoomans! Don’t you agree?

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[Via: Mirror]

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