Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette is a high-maintenance feline

Paris Hilton must have started the trend of pampering her pet Chihuahua, but it has gone deeper in the fashion industry than we can imagine. The newest kid on the block is Karl Lagerfeld’s furry friend Choupette who has two other names- Princess Choupette or Miss Choupette. With a godfather who is the reigning kind of Chanel, she is more than just pampered. The feline supposedly loves shopping, iPads, antique lace and has two maids to look after her. When she’s done with all the above activities, she sleeps, hides, runs and jumps like crazy around the house. She also loves destroying papers, especially those on Karl’s desk, and she hates getting wet. She has specially designed dishes by Goyard- one for water, one for her little croquette, and one for her pate.

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She always gets a weekly manicure from her doctor and she likes driving her maids Francoise and Marjorie crazy. Miss Choupette is one kitty who lives the high life! Aren’t we all jealous?

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