With à la Carte meals and relaxing massages the Ings is the Ritz Carlton for cats

If it’s that time of the year when you’re planning that perfect getaway and your precious kitty can’t make it to your fellow-companions list, then fret not, for your furry feline has its own great retreat. Read: Ings Luxury Cat Hotel. In Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, the hotel offers a host of cat-customized amenities and includes 11 individually designed, themed suites.

“We just want them to be constantly entertained and stimulated, and that really leads to a happy cat,” says Jo Ounsley, hotel creator and cat lover who spent months visiting catteries, vets, and experts in preparation for the opening of the property. “It’s the perfect place for a cat to come, although some people might think it’s a little bit extravagant.”

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Only a little, with massages and à la Carte food, as well as plasma screen TVs showing virtual fish tanks and bird scenes, four-poster beds, virtual log fires, and even bedtime stories. Moreover, owners are kept updated on pets’ progress via emails and postcards.

“It’s not for higher class cats at all,” explains Ounsley. “It’s for people who just want the confidence in knowing that when they go away on holiday, their pet will have a better break than they will.” This ‘break’ costs $24 a night if you book a themed suite, whereas the larger Woodland Wing is the most expensive at $65, with fabulous facilities.

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