Komfort Pets Carrier – provides cooling or heating for uber-comfort

Nowadays if something is available for you or your kids in the bazaar, you can definitely count on seeing a version of it soon for your pet too. It just signifies how much a part of the family dogs and cats have become. While some non-pet lovers may feel that it’s a bit over the top! I stand by for this Komfort Pets Carrier. It is the new climate-controlled pet carrier that provides cooling or heating via a 12-volt system that plugs into a car cigarette lighter or houses current. A built-in battery provides temporary back-up in case of power failure. This ground-breaking carrier uses patent-pending conduction/convection technology that turns on cooling when the temperature reaches 72 degrees Fahrenheit and warms up when it’s below 65.

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The product has had extensive testing and inspection by veterinarians, according to Bob Inello, chief executive of Komfort Pets, who says the carrier “can provide sanctuary in unheated garages” and is equally useful for homes, cars, boats, and RVs. If the typical nylon or vinyl pet carrier just isn’t your style then you must go for nothing-but-the-best for your best friend. The smallest carrier (19-by-13), designed for lap dogs or cats, is available in ruby or silver for $399 through www.komfortpets.com. Medium and large models will be out later this year.

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