Straight from Japan the worlds smartest kitty litter – It is Internet-enabled and can check the health of whiskers too

Sharp Corp. has announced an interesting new product that’s sure to be a hit with people who have feline friends. The company has developed a cat toilet which can analyze a cat’s urine to detect health problems and send reports to the owner’s smartphone using artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

This smart pet tech can help pet owners whose cats suffer from kidney issues or urinary tract problems. Sensors in the toilet can check the animal’s weight and analyze its urine before sending the relevant information to an AI program using the internet. The AI is able to compare the information provided to data collected in a joint study between Tottori University and Sharp. The study helps the AI identify abnormalities in the cat’s personal data and the AI can send the relevant information to the pet owner’s smartphone.

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“Pets are now considered as part of the family and IoT technology has been used little in the pet market,” Yoshisuke Hasegawa, a senior executive managing officer, said at a news conference in Tokyo. “We joined the market with the aim of expanding our business and realizing a ‘smart’ life.”

Sharp’s Pet Care Monitor will launch on July 30 in Japan where it will be priced at ¥24,800 ($226).

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