This will be the world’s first cat to be buried in outer space

Feline love is real and proving this as true is Steve Munt: a retired owner of a furball named Pikachu who was recently cremated after fighting a long battle with diabetes. And while burying long-gone four-leggeds’ is a path often resorted to by pet parents, Munt has opted for the off beaten instead by deciding to send the remains of the furry cat up into space.

Pikachu was one of Munt’s seven cats that he had adopted post retirement and was also his favorite of them all. The cat’s one-of-its-kind space cremation will be organized in association with Celestial Pets – an organization that has previously arranged for similar cremations on the earth’s orbit. As per reports, Pikachu’s space ticket costs a whopping $5000 with Munt currently raising funds for the same via a campaign on GoFundMe. He also confirmed that the launch of his feline’s remains will take place sometime in the next 18 months.

Commenting further on the cremation, Munt in a statement to said, “I wanted Pikachu to be the first, continue his legacy as an explorer and show the world that a cat is just as worthy as a dog of a special tribute.” He further added, “Pikachu is a hero, and I am honoring him as such.” The doting owner also referred to his cat as the best on GoFundme and in a message appealed: “We will always look up to him, and he will remain in our hearts forever. Together, we can all make him proud.”

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