A church in London has been converted into an uber-luxurious residence

Renovations are all about transforming or repurposing it in an interesting way. Well, some creative house flipper took the idea of repurposing to a whole new level by converting an out-of-use church into luxury home. On the outside, exposed bricks and a wide shape will leave you convinced that this has to be an old school place of worship, but on the inside, white walls, posh furniture and a modern décor make it pretty unrecognizable. The retention of some cool details including stained glass and arched windows give this house an extra burst of character.

church (1)
The palatial house now features four bedrooms with ensuite baths and walk in closets. Other noteworthy features include a gym and a private patio with its own waterfall. With 6,167 sq. feet of space on offer, the house comes with the price tag of £10 million which today amounts to over US$14.7 million. Considering the property is located in London, where property rates are currently soaring, this would be considered a good price in some circles.
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The house is both spacious and stylish and considering the square footage, we’ll bet that the bedrooms are pretty massive. Check out the pictures and see for yourself!
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[ Via : Inhabitat ]

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