The world’s largest privately-owned jelly fish tank designed by Aquarium Architecture

Paul the octopus made underwater creatures was just as desirable in tank as in their gourmet lunch plates. And taking cue is UK-based customized aquarium makers Aquarium Architecture, ready with a 4,000 liter jellyfish tan. Made for the Chaobaby restaurant at Trafford Centre, Manchester, UK, the tank can hold 150 moon jellyfish from Thailand.

The tank, which is 3.5 meters in length, 1.5 meters in height and 40mm thick, will have a 17 degrees Celsius control temperature through two powerful chillers. Hand-pressed from the US and flown into the UK, and the tank will be placed in front of the restaurant. Four months in the making, the tank comes with custom lighting options to change light concerning the eatery’s lighting.

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