Along with apartments that have a car lift to their own garages, Bentley Residences on Miami’s billionaire’s row will have a resident-only restaurant by celebrity chef Todd English

Just when you thought an exclusive address like the world’s first Bentley-branded residential tower couldn’t get any better, they brought food to the table. A new partnership with award-winning celebrity chef Todd meant for residents only, has unveiled a private restaurant at Bentley Residences. The four-time James Beard award winner will offer his best delectable delights featuring fresh cuisines in what will be his first private condominium concept.

“Bringing in the culinary expertise of a world-renowned chef such as Todd English further elevates the sense of living we are creating for our residents,” said Gil Dezer, President of Dezer Development. “Bentley Residences will deliver a coveted level of exclusivity and privacy while incorporating luxuries ordinarily found in a five-star resort, like this above-and-beyond culinary concept.” The private restaurant will make the most of the luxurious location and offer meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner by the poolside as well. The chef is known for rustic Mediterranean cuisine and will bring the magic of his restaurants’ Olives, Figs, and The Pepper Club, to the lucky resident of Bentley Tower.

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“Every aspect of Bentley Residences has been so thoughtfully designed to perfection, and I’m incredibly honored for this opportunity to partner with Gil Dezer and further elevate the luxurious lifestyle through unique culinary creations for residents,” said Todd English. “We’re excited to provide a curated experience with rotating seasonal menus that will make dining at Bentley Residences a joy for residents and their guests.”

Bentley Residences will house the restaurant within the building’s lobby, a spectacular space that amalgamates the beauty of the ocean with the sprawling private pool. The restaurant will open its tantalizing doors in 2026 and is among the many exclusive amenities lavished on occupants of the amazing Bentley Residences.

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Make way for a stunning 60-story residential tower in Miami-
The Bentley Residences in Miami will stand at 749 feet and over 60 stories high, making it the tallest residential tower on any US beachfront. A whopping 200 luxury apartments will flaunt world-class amenities like a balcony, pool, sauna, and outdoor shower. If that wasn’t enough, adding a car elevator undoubtedly leaves one impressed. The ‘Dezervator’ or drive-in elevator will transport residents from street to suite in utmost comfort and without leaving their vehicle. Bentley Residences will feature shared amenities, like a whiskey and cigar lounge, a wellness and revitalization spa, a cinema, a beauty salon, and now even a private restaurant run by one of the best in the business.

The building looks fantastic, with a striking diamond-like facade sheathed with reflective surfaces and triangulated glass windows. Bentley Residences Miami is due for completion in 2026, with units starting at $4.2 million.

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