Dubai Sports City……….Dubai brags about sports!

Dubai is development personified. Something has seriously taken over this country and it’s growing and only growing since the past few years and I wonder where will they stop. Whatever it will be will surely be breathtaking. Dubai can not just boast of great structures and hotels but now it has a new feather in its cap called ‘sports city’. The country have invested heavily into something called Dubai Sports City, the world’s first integrated sports city and cornerstone project of Dubailand. There are two sporting venues planned, initially a 60,000-seater multi-purpose outdoor stadium and a 10,000-seater multi-purpose indoor stadium.

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Both will be completed by the end of 2009. Not only will sports like football, rugby, ice hockey, basketball, tennis, and volleyball be played here it will also act as an entertainment hub with the venue being available for hosting concerts and other major public gatherings. I’m sure half the couch potatoes in Dubai must have converted into sports enthusiasts’ courtesy the sports city! I was never a sports person until now!

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