Ruler of Dubai to build a personal six-storey parking lot in London for his 114 luxury cars

The ruler of Dubai is planning to build a massive six-storey luxury car park next to the River Thames so he can house his fleet of luxury vehicles. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, 65, one of the world’s richest men, was granted permission to build the super car park next to the Battersea heliport by the local authorities. Expected to cost about £20million, the building will feature space for his fleet of 114 luxury vehicles, as well as offices and five-star accommodation for his drivers. However, the estimated cost is just for the basic structure and the overall cost will be a lot more once the construction is completed.

The neighbors, however, have raised concerns that the development will cause disruption on local roads, as his cars travel to and from the car park. Objecting to the proposals put forward on behalf of the Sheikh, whose family wealth is estimated at £2.7billion, one resident wrote on the Wandsworth Council website: “I am not happy of this proposal so I will object.

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“…my balcony will be facing a car park which means no privacy at all.” Another said: “I would like to object to the prospect of increasing this problem with a multi-story car storage facility, both for safety reasons, and for the sake of local residents who will be blighted by the resulting congestion. In addition, drivers from this company occupy all free parking spots on this road, and spend a long time ‘hanging around’ outside of the property, and outside other properties.” In a planning report published by the council last month, the development was given the go ahead, with officers ruling the design was “appropriate”. The report said: “It is concluded that the principle of this development is acceptable being a previous established use in this location.” Sheikh’s personal car storage facility will be built next to Battersea heliport, allowing him and his entourage to arrive by helicopter and presumably be driven to the luxury 16-bed mansion he plans to build in the Scottish Highlands.

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