Take a look inside this $33 million Dubai mansion that has two cinemas, infinity pools and is sold with a Ferrari and Rolls Royce

Barbie had her dream house with an overdose of pink which made it easy for us adults to label it ludicrous. But dream houses are no myth, they are real and they unquestionably look like One 100. An ultra-luxurious villa located on Palm Jumeirah’s N frond is a 14,000-square-foot home that hit the market. With an asking price of Dh120 million ($33 million), the dream house comes with everything you will need in a home right from interiors that will put five-star hotels to shame, infinity pool, a gym, two cinemas to luxury rides like a Ferrari, Rolls Royce, and Harley Davidson. The home owned by Michael Adam Alibhai, is tastefully decorated with an enviable art collection. Let’s allow the pictures to do the talking and take a look at what an Avant-garde dream house looks like-

Why live in palaces when we can have the time of our lives in this 14,000-square-foot home that spans over 3-floors and flaunts five oversized VIP bedroom suites and eight extravagant bathrooms?

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Of course, the villa has a pool, but what’s amazing is the outdoor cinema will keep swimming guests entertained.

Wondering if you should be filling yourself with scrumptious food in this gorgeous dining area or the breathtaking sea views instead!

The living area is one of the best spots to make the most of this great view. It’s luxurious, spacious, and faces the sea which makes it a calming spot.

One 100 boasts a sprawling infinity pool that leads down to the private beach bringing to you the best of both worlds.

The luxuriously done bedrooms offer 1,300 sq.ft of space that’s pumped with the most opulent interiors and marvelous views of the beach.

The villa is equipped with as many as eight lavish bathrooms, adorned with book-matched unique Italian marble and equipped with the One100 branded custom bathrobes, linens & towels.

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All your haute couture pieces will look stunning inside these suites’ walk-in wardrobes.

Fitness with a view? Who can say no to start their day in a gym that looks so spectacular overlooking the pristine beach.

Ending a day of luxury with some wonderful movies to entertain you and your guests in your very own indoor private cinema sounds like a great plan. The cinema is equipped with an Imax screen, 4k projector, and Dolby Atmos sound system to make the experience flawless.

No movie experience can be complete without a tub of popcorn and when you’re inhabiting a villa like the sumptuous One 100 then a popcorn and nacho machine is certainly included.

There are more than 30 pieces of art in the home, including works from French artist Richard Orlinski, Finnish sculptor Eero Aarnio, and pieces by Fidia Falaschetti.

[Via: The National]

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