This 1920’s Dutch church has been transformed into a beautiful modern home and it’s up for sale

This dramatic old building located at Singelstraat 26 in Muiden, may look like a dark and historic church from the outside, but on the inside it’s a contemporary home that puts any modern loft to shame.

Muiden is a smaller Dutch city, but it’s a scant 15 minutes away from Amsterdam, making this a great location to own a home in.

The renovators have retained some of the features of the 1920’s brick church including vaulted wooden ceilings, stained glass windows, and even a corridor lined with antique reinforced doors.

On the other hand, the fresh white walls and minimal take on interior décor has given the home an open, contemporary feel.

The home features a main floor with five relatively small bedrooms. A split-level upper floor boasts a concrete-counter kitchen with a dining area, and a lounge area on a raised platform that opens onto a roof terrace.

This curved space holds a half bath, while the mezzanine above it is a small office.

The terrace area is spacious and versatile. You can plan a roof garden or enjoy some outdoor meals here.

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The small bedrooms don’t feel like much of a compromise when you consider the extensive living space that the house offers.

Two of the five bedrooms have their own ensuite bathrooms.

The house has four bathrooms in all.

Having the bedrooms on the main floor and the living room on the upper floor feels like a departure from the norm, but the beautifully and naturally lit living split upper level makes the compromise worthwhile.

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The roughly 3,121 sq. ft. home has been put on sale by Sotheby’s Realty.


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