Accessible by road, sea, and air, this Kuwaiti millionaire’s breathtaking villa on Lake Geneva, complete with four Rolls Royces, is on sale for $64 million.

There was a time when only kings could boast of living in the best house in the kingdom. Today, thanks to social media, finding prime real estate is just a click away. Case in point: the breathtaking $64 million Villa Bellevue in Lake Geneva, Switzerland. This gem of a property, dating from 1959, is accessible by land, air, or sea. Villa Bellevue features the main mansion, a guest house, a caretaker’s house, two lumi pods, lush landscapes, manicured gardens, and numerous amenities. It is sprawling, as the pictures immediately reveal, but it is also stunningly beautiful, offering unparalleled views of Lake Geneva.

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In front of the main house is an ample motor court and a grand water feature exuding grandeur. To the surprise of potential buyers, four Rolls-Royce vehicles are included in addition to an infinity swimming pool, an underground marina, and a tennis court.

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The property spans over 30,000 square meters and offers 1,959 m² of living space within the manor, plus an additional 2,155 m² of floor area in the guest villa. The guest villa, grand and gorgeous as the main mansion, could serve as an independent home. It has its own swimming pool, tennis court, pool house, basement garage for 10 cars, and boat garages with a private pontoon.

The estate makes the most of every nook and corner of the property. The Lumi pods provide extra space not only for guests to reside but also serve as a wonderful venue to relax in nature, soak in exceptional lake views, and enjoy a good book. There are outdoor dining areas with fully equipped kitchens to make the most of the surrounding beauty, which cannot be truly enjoyed within the four walls of even a majestic abode.

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This magnificent $64 million dream home is owned by a Kuwaiti businessman who acquired the property in 2018 and spent three years renovating it. Originally built for a French general named Cottin, the estate later passed into the hands of the royal family of Abu Dhabi for Queen Fatima. This history explains the 50 rooms, including 29 bedrooms, fit for royals and the uncrowned kings of today.

This video by Enes Yilmazer does ample justice to this stunning property.

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