You can actually rent this luxurious Hobbit themed house in LA

Themed accommodations have their way of exciting us. However, when it comes to anything to do with LOTR fandom, this simply scales a few degrees up. Our latest musing happens to be located in Los Angeles, Culver City and comes as a two-bedroom apartment, completely themed around Tolkien’s classic. The house is so designed to resemble the humble abode of Bilbo Baggins in The Shire. Lovingly called The Hobbits House, this rental house has been designed by Joseph Lawrence, of the classic Disney fame.

hobbit-house-la-1The house is detailed in every room with a fully functional kitchen to cook Bilbo’s favorite meals, two bedrooms to tuck yourself into a dream within a dream, one bathroom and a living room area that is spacious enough to invite your friends who share that undying fantasy. Oh, and do not miss that stone fireplace that reaches every degree of authenticity. Besides the detailing in the house, what really stoked us was the attention paid to the landscaping. This beautiful abode is rimmed with lush greenery and ponds that mimic the soothing beauty of Middle-earth. All this and more makes this an increasingly tempting prospect to pay Los Angeles a visit!

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hobbit-house-la-2The best part is this isn’t just a passing fad. You can rent The Hobbit’s House for just $2,595! The ad’s up here on Craigslist. If you land this patch of Middle-earth on account of this article, don’t forget to invite your friends over at LL for a cup of you-know-what-best.

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