Review: Wander and wonder at midtown Manhattan’s Andaz 5th Avenue

Location, location, location. There’s few cities in the world where this is perpetually at the forefront of its inhabitant’s minds. And if you’re visiting New York, this is no different when deciding where to stay.

The Andaz 5th Avenue’s loft-style guestrooms feature 12-foot ceilings and oversized windows to view the city streets below

But few are privy to a boutique hotel at the intersection of 5th and 41st, just a walking distance from the famed 5th avenue shopping street, steps away from Bryant Park and across from the New York Public Library. One of two Andaz properties in Manhattan, the Andaz 5th Avenue is a modern, sophisticated option for those who are looking for the quintessential city experience.

Featuring some of the most spacious guestrooms of all the hotels in New York — a major plus point in a city where prime real estate is scarce — the Andaz offers 184 rooms, including 54 suites with private balconies or landscaped terraces. There’s also an in-house restaurant, bar, art salon and an entire second floor for entertainment purposes.

“One of two Andaz properties in Manhattan, the Andaz 5th Avenue is a modern, sophisticated option for those who are looking for the quintessential city experience.”

Every piece of furniture in the Andaz is virtually oversized, like this long working table in the living area of my Splash Suite

Checking in to the Splash Suite with a cup of tea in hand — thanks to a complimentary offer for your beverage of choice for all guests upon arrival — the first thing I was made keenly aware of is the space. With 12-foot ceilings, huge windows, and a whopping 787-square-foot open-plan, the L-shaped loft gradually unfolded as I made my way from the foyer, to the living space, to the bathroom and finally to the bedroom. It was as if I wondered while I wandered.

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The Andaz beds are “equipped with airweave, a Japanese innovation designed to help create a perfect sleep environment”

The interior decor is simple enough, with clean lines and muted white and brown colours rendering the area comfortable and cosy. The furnishings were also deliberately placed, meaning nowhere was there an end table or chair that sat in excess of its surroundings. Every thing was there as I needed it to be.

Glass and travertine marble accents make the bathroom and dual sink space the most ‘colourful’ room in the entire suite

But of all the sections of the suite, the bathroom stood out in both design and size. Decked out in polished travertine marble, a massive white free-standing soaking tub took up one half of the section and nothing else — hence the word ‘Splash’ in the name of the suite. His and her sinks, a toilet and walk-in rainshower with a dedicated footbath took up the other. It was a dream space made for personal, quality time, complete with Beekman 1802 amenities.

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A massive porcelain bathtub takes up one half of the bathroom area — all of its space combined rivalling the bedroom area itself

As I settled in and unpacked, I made my way to the very end of the loft where shuttered blinds had obstructed my corner building view. I’d walked pass the Public Library on my way to the hotel but didn’t realise that when I pulled the blinds to the side, my room would have the best view of its main façade.

My view of the New York Public Library from my corner building room

It was a different perspective to the city’s famed tourist views. And it was wonderful.

“Decked out in polished travertine marble, the bathroom was a dream space made for personal, quality time.”

Where: Andaz 5th Avenue
485 5th Ave, New York, NY 10017, USA
Phone: +1 212-601-1234

Note – The critic was invited by Andaz 5th Avenue, New York. But all the opinions expressed herewith are her own.

The luxe factor is

7.5 Location
7.5 Rooms
6.5 Service
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