Review: 101 Lounge and bar at the One and Only The Palm, Dubai

Lounge area for private gathering and parties

Lounge area for private gathering and parties
Something that I truly love about Dubai is its skyline. Like the contours of an artist’s canvas, the geometrical brilliance of city architecture stands tall, and proud. The 101 Lounge and Bar at One&Only The Palm is one such destination where you get both, a treat to the taste buds and also your eyes. There are two ways to reach this venue. One is via the road. The hotel is located at the tip of the first frond, on the left of The Palm Dubai.

I was ferried – the second option to reach the lounge. An hourly boat shuttles to and from the One&Only Royal Mirage jetty, taking you directly to the restaurant as opposed to passing through the hotel from the main entrance.

Property view
View from the shore of the One&Only The Palm beach houses

On reaching the venue, provided it is for lunch as I did, two things will strike you – one is the sharp turquoise shade of the sea and the second is the sprawling beach houses, mansions and manors of the hotel property that stand like aristocratic sand castles on the shore. The restaurant is shaped like a tent, and built on stilts over water.

The beautiful Dubai skyline

The weather was perfect – cool, and sunny. I was escorted to a table that had plenty of view, and shade from the sun. I didn’t fear a tan; just that I would keep squinting with the sun in my eyes. The table I chose was ideal. I could see the skyline, and the property and also the calm sea.

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Inside the 101 Lounge and Bar

The venue runs on a packed house in the evenings, and especially so during the weekends. It is a popular haunt for party-goers who enjoy their drinks, and dinner with beautiful backdrops. As well as table seating, guests can book a lounge area for private parties or gatherings. Inside the restaurant, the transformation is surprising. It is like walking into a different time zone. A well-equipped bar and console station takes over the centre of the restaurant. All around it are the seating, decked up in cyan blue, white and gold. If not for missing the view, this is a good venue during the warmer months.

A scrumptious plate of seafood

Usually when the venue is so pretty, and the view this magnificent, it is likely that the food is just about average. Or vice-versa. But not at 101. The food is brilliant, and I would vouch for it on repeat.

A dollop of pink paradise

We were first served a refreshing starter that was a visual and palatable treat – beetroot yoghurt. It was like a dessert, served in a small glass with a rim covered in beetroot and nutty shavings. The appetiser was beef well done, resting over a carpet of greens. Six pieces of succulent fine Wagyu beef sprinkled with sesame and garnish. It sufficed for a full meal, and was dell-ee-shiyus. Next was the main course. I sat chatting with my host, and allowed each course to settle down so that I could do complete justice to the greatness that I was being served. The sea bass, with soft meat and crispy skin, was served over chickpeas stew. The plate was garnished with mint sauce. If the beef hadn’t taken my taste buds on a trip to paradise, I may have been able to enjoy the sea bass a bit more.

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Delicious crunchy dessert – Bourbon Vanilla Tart

And, lastly, the crème de la crème of the meal – the dessert. Bourbon Vanilla Tart was made in heaven, it just had to be. No place on earth could make something this fine. It was crunchy, it was sweet, it was salty; and it was amazing. Don’t get me wrong, I am emotional about my food and this meal was music to my senses – it hit all the right tunes.

A well done Wagyu beef, both for palette and plate

There was nothing I could find a fault in. I had a great day, in great company, with great food and a really great view. I will happily recommend 101 Lounge and Bar to anyone residing in or visiting Dubai.

A suggestion, after a fine meal at 101, you could perhaps consider a stroll through the One&Only The Palm property. It is a hideaway from the hustle and bustle of the Dubai city life, and offers a mirage of true Arabian landscapes with its oriental architecture, palm trees, frangipani and water bodies.

Where : One&Only The Palm
West Crescent, The Palm Jumeirah – Dubai
Phone : +9714-440-1010

The luxe factor

10 Food
9.5 Service
10 Ambience
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