Review: Unwinding at The Oberoi Spa and Wellness Centre Dubai

Dubai is spoilt for choices when it comes to finding ways to pamper yourself. If you are looking to relax and rejuvenate in a simple yet effective manner, The Spa at The Oberoi Dubai is an ideal choice.

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The venue has no frills or super-mod, super-luxurious lounge or waiting area where you get into a conflict of mind on whether to stay put and enjoy a sip of your fused sparkling water or indeed carry on to your treatment room. The waiting area is a simple lounge with a welcoming receptionist who is prompt in making you comfortable, while dialing up your therapist in a matter of minutes.

I am an Oberoi fan. With good reason too. I feel the know how to treat their guests well. This was my second experience with The Oberoi Spa and Wellness Centre, but third from within the Oberoi group. The first one was a few years back at The Oberoi Delhi. My feedback below is a reflection of my earlier experiences.

I had requested for a morning slot of 8AM. The kind lady in Reservations was happy to book my slot. As in the case of new mothers, I miscalculated our morning routine and I was running late. So I rang up another kind lady at the spa desk and requested a change in slot, for an hour later. The staff informed me duly that it was getting busier but they could squeeze me in for my hour-long treatment if I could rush downstairs in five minutes. I hesitated, having to leave my breakfast table and the rich spread that welcomed us at the hotel’s all-day dining Nine7One. But I rushed up anyway.

I walked to the elevators briskly and jabbed at level three, which consisted of the spa, gym and the pool. As I walked to the spa the receptionist welcomed me with a kind smile and asked me to wait for a few minutes until the therapist could accompany me to the treatment room.

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Hardly had I decided to rest in a chair after scanning the shelves holding a range of beauty products, Ms Bimo appeared at the desk, smiling. I acknowledged her with a tired smile and allowed her to lead me to the treatment room. Enroute she confirmed the treatment I had chosen as if making a mental tick on a check list. The spa menu offers a range of treatments including Ayurveda, aromatherapy, Balinese, Classic Swedish, Shiatsu and Thai messages. I chose for a one hour classic message, stressing on the back and legs.

Ms Bimo’s full name is Bimolata Ningthoujam. She is the spa manager but filled in as there was a shortage in therapists that morning. The hallway leading to the room is brightly lit with sunlight flooding in from long floor to ceiling windows on one side. Mine wasn’t far and as she opened the door wide enough to let me in, I felt the room embrace me with warmth. It was sufficiently lit, decorated in wood and earthy tones. I was relieved that I could see my next step and not worry about ramming into furniture.

First things to awaken my senses were the sounds of soft oriental rhythms and the smell of lemon grass. I already had a good feeling about the next one hour. Ms Bimo offered me the provisions to change into. I sniffed from the slight cold I had that morning and meekly offered this information to Ms Bimo. I rushed into the bathroom which had a changing area and a shower. Moderation, yet tasteful seems to be the unique selling point at The Oberoi Dubai and even the bathrooms are an example of this. I loved it. Like staring at Monalisa in her modest elegance.

Once outside, I was asked to take a seat on a sofa chair and she pushed a brass vessel filled with water towards me. I placed my legs, one at a time, into the warm water while she sprinkled some salts to wash my soiled and tired feet.

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Ms Bimo took the opportunity of this waiting to ask what my problem areas were. I explained that my neck, lower back and legs were the weak spots. She nodded once and guided me to the bed. This is where I must add that Ms Bimo has magic fingers. She may appear delicate, but she applied pressure with firm strength.

Not only had I almost slept off, my muscles were singing with gratitude. My neck felt lighter and my leg got back some of its buoyance. Once I changed back into my clothes, I came out to find a cup of green tea ready for me. Mr Bino, considerate sweet Ms Bimo, got me a cup of steaming tea to help my itchy throat and cold. Bless her soul! While I sipped on it, she drew the curtains and tied up the room while we chit-chatted until I finished my drink.

After bidding farewell to the gentle Ms Bimo, I strolled leisurely to the lift to return to my room – rejuvenated, relaxed and refreshed.

My second visit to the spa, hence, proved as effective and satisfactory as did my first, which was a couple of years ago with a filled womb. The spa therapist then too was especially careful and gentle with me. She was alert about the points to note while massaging a pregnant woman – like avoiding foot massages and keeping me inclined on either side with ample support to my stomach. I slept off then – one of the rare peaceful naps I got in all my trimesters.

Personally, my experiences with The Oberoi spa have been wonderful. The treatment, the ambience, the hospitality – were perfect – like a perfect hairdo with not a strand out of place. Having absolutely enjoyed my experience once again, this has further cemented my trust and confidence in The Oberoi style of treating its guests.

9 Ambience
10 Treatment
8 Products used
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