Review – The Ritz Carlton Langkawi, a breath of fresh air and a space you can call home

The three things you need after a stressful flight with an infant that’s coupled with the lack of sleep and lost luggage is a little peace, quiet and a place to call home. The Ritz Carlton Langkawi provided all of those and then some.

Situated 7 kms from Langkawi’s little airport, the short drive in an Audi A3 kicked off our journey to rest and thorough pampering at brand’s recently launched 104-acre property.

Traditional Malay cultural blends into the architecture and is set against the backdrop of Malaysia’s 10-million-year-old rainforest; this is where we were met with the warmth and pomp that is customary for the Ritz”. Cool, scented towels and the most delightful blend of Coconut water, Calamansi and Hibiscus Syrup, were exactly what we needed to revitalize as we checked in.

Silent electric buggies to get around the eco-friendly resort

The plush landscape and well-manicured grounds of this eco-friendly, self-sustaining resort are devoid of vehicles other than the fleet of silent, electric golf carts to ferry guests etc. all around the sprawling estate. The resort has been constructed mostly on stilts to avoid damaging the ecosystem and architects, designers and builders worked meticulously for seven years to ensure that a minimal number of trees bore the brunt of the resort’s constriction.

Gorgeous rooms spread out comfortably across the sprawling estate provided respite from noisy city life

The resort is spread out over the landscape in a cluster of ‘blocks’, housing rooms and Junior suites like the one we were in, Beach-Front villas (access to a private beach), Sea-View and Rainforest villas, three restaurants, a spa, lounge and recreation areas including a gym, Tennis court and the Ritz Kids centre.

The Room – Rainforest Junior Suite
We arrived via buggy, up one hill and down another; our destination was a quiet little corner block called Mawar (Malay for rose). Room 413 was over 1000 Sq. Ft. of comfort, decadence, class and style decked out in brown and beige hues with splashes of colour in just the right places.

“The elegant décor reflected in each room is inspired by the region and the artwork, furnishings and woodwork has been delicately selected from in and around Langkawi.”

The lavishly laid out bathroom with a standalone tub was only subdued by the fact that the faucet needed to be changed twice during our stay. These are just the teething problems of a new resort. A highlight is the futuristic toilet seat with a variety of nifty features. Although not all may prove useful, the heated seat is a godsend. Asprey London provides all of the Ritz’s toiletries; their musky, yet lemon-y perfumed amenities are always welcome.

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The Ritz provisions rooms with great in-room snacks and beverages along with a Nespresso machine and choice Espresso options.

The little nook for in-room dining or relaxing with a little media on the Samsung 60” SmartTV (+ 1 in the bedroom) adjoins a very spacious balcony.

“The views were mostly trees with specs of the ocean in between. Rooms slightly higher up in the block or on the property, have better views.”

Our three-month-old son took a particular liking to the king-sized bed that provided us with a cloud-like experience for slumber a-plenty.

A minor issue one would have to contend with if residing in the blocks is that it can get a mite tedious going up down, especially for older people or families with infants.

Breakfast and Dinner at the Langkawi Kitchen
Centrally located on the property, the Langkawi Kitchen is as elegantly designed as the décor is tasteful. It’s a casual space serving multi-cuisine breakfast – Malaysian, Chinese, Indian and Continental – with a fabulous array of baked items.

Try the day’s smoothie or the delicious local Honey on tap, perfect for a cup of hot green tea

For Starters, the Satay Malaya beef and grilled chicken skewer with peanut sauce, or the Popia Basah, an unassuming spring roll with smabal paste

Dine indoors or relax on a large balcony overlooking the grounds. If dining outdoors during the day, a run in with a local Macaque (monkey species) could prove adventurous.

Dinners transform the bright space into a quiet subdued eatery.

“Served on traditional Malaysian cutlery (reminiscent of Rajasthani Thalis), our dinner was a collective of spicy and tangy Malaysian cuisine.”

For the main course we chose the Siakap Bakar, a traditional item – Sea Bass served with a chilli paste base and coconut, on a banana leaf. It was unexpectedly non- spicy and blended the coconut with the chilli paste effortlessly adding a rich flavour to the grilled fish. And finally, our absolute favourite Malaysian dish, Nasi Goreng Ulam where the salted fish and tiger prawn culminated in a creative blend of wild herbed rice and bean sprout that went well with the Saikap as well.

Relax and totally unwind at the very chilled-out Beach Bar & Grill overlooking the Andaman Sea

Lunch and Cocktails at the Beach Bar & Grill :
At one end of the property sits the very ‘chilled-out’ Beach Bar & Grill that overlooks the blue/green Andaman Sea. We spent our afternoons here lounging by the bar near the infinity pool and sipping on cold custom cocktails and dining on scrumptious seafood.

Stay cool with a refreshing traditional Bamboo cocktail or unwind with a South African Lemon Bush tea served hot
Start with the delicious Andaman Crab Cakes and green mango salad + ginger, chilli and lime sauce

“In the spirit of eco-friendliness and authenticity, the cutlery at the Beach Bar & Grill is made using the sand and mud from the area. It’s collected and sent to the mainland for.”

The Catch of the Day was Barracuda with a tantalizing aroma of finely grilled fish that hit our olfactory senses and tickled our taste buds in a lemony, rich flavour. The light tomato sauce and roasted potatoes were great accompaniments.

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Enjoy nature at its best and partake in a slew of activities to if a slow pace is not your style. Drop the kids off in the capable hands of the Ritz Kids Centre and adventure on.

If relaxing is not your thing, choose from a wide range of activities that include cooking classes, cocktail making sessions, yoga, Bespoke Soap making and Batik Painting and plenty more. You can also relax at the Horizon Lounge or Beach Grill and Bar and watch the traditional ‘Dance of thanks to the Sea’ that takes place on the beach at sunset.

A great staff made for great service all over the beautiful Ritz Carlton Langkawi estate, day or night, they provided superb and timely response.

The Service :
“While the room is every bit deserving of praise and the property in general is just a marvel to explore, it is the staff that are the Ritz Carlton Langkawi’s biggest asset.”

These warm and thoroughly knowledgeable individuals made our stay a delightful experience from helping with our son to proactively picking up our bags from the airport when the airlines delayed it. Cooks, cleaners, drivers, maids, grounds and Spa staff, waiters knew us by name making it an engaging time at the resort. Everyone knows you, understands your needs and plays an important part to making your stay as comfortable and relaxed as humanly possible.

The Bottom Line
Your comfort is their reward and that’s not just something we’re saying because of our experience, it’s actually part of their brand proposal. At the Ritz Carlton Langkawi you’ll want for nothing, be thoroughly pampered and feel doted on throughout your stay. The lavish property has it all from jungle trails and nature walks to infinity pools. A private beach and views, views, views! It’s literally and figuratively a breath of fresh air to stay here and was a much needed respite from being new parents. We bid adieu to the good people at the RC Langkawi with heavy hearts, but are not about to forget their splendid company and warmth of their hospitality.

Where: The Ritz Carlton Langkawi
PO Box 199, Jalan Pantai Kok,
Teluk Nibong Langkawi, KD, 07000, Malaysia
Phone: +60 4-952 4888

Note: The writer was invited by the Ritz Carlton Langkawi but all the opinions expressed herewith are his own.

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9 Room
10 Service
9 Activities
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10 Facilities
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