Having a Ferrari in your living room is passé. The ultimate flex is owning a 279-foot-long superyacht built around a man cave that showcases a $5.5 million submersible.

If you’re going to be a man with a boat, then it should be aboard something as cool as the 279-footer, Project Armand. This slender and stealthy ship, inspired by automobiles, is the closest one can get to zipping a car on water. Officina Armare’s concept superyacht boasts a volume of 2,500 GT and breaks barriers with a highly efficient hull and a hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system. This system lends it the speed witnessed in fast cars while keeping it greener compared to other models.

The aft main deck

What also sets Armand apart from other vessels is the terrific trio of features: a virtual-reality main saloon, an outdoor cinema, and a dedicated “man cave” on the lower deck. There are other standard features like a helipad and swimming pool, but one cannot ignore the highlights.

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The master cabin.

The ship sleeps 18 guests in 6 cabins and provides the owner with a lavish two-story penthouse equipped with several top-class features. From a lounge with a wine cellar and smoking room to an outdoor alfresco lounge and Jacuzzi to make the most of the vistas, there is nothing amiss.

Why keep the submersible in a tender garage when you can show it off to your guests.

The vessel is designed around the pleasure of the owner, and the ‘man cave’ on the lower deck is a testament to this. It features an opulent lounge, a dedicated diving station, and a floating tender garage featuring the prestigious U-Boat Worx SuperSub submersible, tender, and toys.

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The helipad transforms into an outdoor cinema.

The Super Sub delivers 60 kW of thrust and offers the most unmatched underwater experience with beautiful 360-degree views. The avant-garde virtual environment of the main saloon, featuring a glass concave structure made of LED screens, blurs the lines between reality and imagination.

The man cave.

It may be a boat with a man cave, but that does not take away from its elegance. Elements like a glass-bottomed infinity pool with amphitheater-inspired sunbathing areas, or a pleasant upper deck outdoor dining area make Project Armand an enticing choice regardless of gender. The 279-foot pleasure craft will be powered by diesel-electric propulsion with both fossil and non-fossil fuel technology.

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